Bring it back to Once upon a time

Welcoooooooooooooome! :)

It seems like you have stumbled across my tumblr page and I am glad, the name´s Darren Criss, but you probably already know that, if not that´s cool too.

I´m just a dude who got lucky and is therefore seen to be playing the very dashing Blaine Anderson on this little TV show called Glee. But I also find myself roaming over Broadway stages from time to time. Oh yeah, and I´m a part time Harry Potter.

For some reason the universe decided that I am lucky enough to be engaged to the wonderful and amazingly talented Chris Colfer, we have a house, a cat and I´d say life is pretty peachy right now.

Come talk to me, I´m suuuuuper nice!

[Just an RP]

  • Darren: would marry me?
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